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Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC)


Easy Anti-Cheat


PunkBuster Anti-Cheat


Every online game is designed with one of three anti-cheats and of course nothing is perfect in today’s world we live in that has its own vulnerabilities that make our HACKS and cheats undetectable.

Still, these anti-cheats have other functions based on analysis. From the player statistics that depend on the player himself, we leave an informative link for each of them to obtain more information.

Can you ban me if I use HIBARAHACK🤔?

  • No, feel safe to use HIBARAHACK, our cheats are undetectable by the game, our technical team is responsible every week to update all our cheats.

How to use the hack efficiently and avoid reporting and banning🤩?

  • 👨‍🔧You can still be banned for the long term if you don’t take the following steps:
    • Although our hacks are 100% undetectable, it is advisable to play a secondary account so as not to be banned from your main account, we are not responsible for the use made with the hack, use it to lose yourself without any risk.😇
    • Do not kill more than 10 enemies in each game.
    • Do not always use the aimbot function to avoid suspicion from viewers.
    • Maintain reasonable profile statistics not to exceed 10 kd, for this you can enter games and commit suicide several times to download and thus regulate your KD.
    •  Depending on the level of the account, you can afford to increase the chain further and kill more, for example:
      • Level 1 to 30 -> KD <= 8.
      • Level 30 to 45 -> KD <= 10.
      • Level 45 to 60 -> KD <= 15.
      • Level 60 to 90 -> KD <= 17.
    • Spend no more than 4,500 deaths per season.
    • In championship games, do not use the aimbot function to avoid suspicion of spectators and referees.
    • There are games that always present certain delays in the first game because the game is loading in the memory of your device, which is advisable not to use HIBARAHACK in the first game, use it in the second game, you can also enter the training mode of the game and play a few minutes to load the game and voila then run HIBARAHACK.
    • Avoid using HIBARAHACK at the beginning of a new game season and at the end of the season with a one-week time frame, because in that short period there are in-game updates that you better not use HIBARAHACK in that period.

I have been banned, what do I do😭?

If you have seen this article late and you have been a cheat abuser, you will possibly be reading this section desperately, I have two news for you, one bad and one good.

  • 🔴You can claim your account in the technical support of the game explaining that you have not used Hacks since you may have been banned due to your game statistics, but depending on each game policy you may be lucky to recover your account or not.
  • 🔵The good news is that you can create a new account and start playing, but be careful, you must follow some steps before creating a new account, these steps are also applicable to new users who want to use HIBARAHACK but have been banned in the past . for reasons you will have.

Why can’t I create a new account directly after being blocked☹️?

  • When banned in a game like the current games out there today Fortnite, Apex, PUBG, CYBER HUNTER, the game itself stores a number of information from your machine and stores certain documents in the game folders where they avoid entering the game .

What are those HIBARAHACK steps, please help me ☹️?

You have two options: change your computer or make changes to certain information on your computer where it has been banned.
The data that the game stores about you is related to your machine: (LOCAL IP – HWID of your hard drive – MAC PC – MAC of your network card – Name of your computer) , which you have to change all that information:

  • ✅Change your LOCAL IP .
  • ✅Change your HWID of your hard drive.
  • ✅Change your MAC PC.
  • ✅Change your MAC of your network card.
  • ✅Change your Name of your computer.
  • ✅Uninstall the game completely and reinstall it.


HIBARAHACK give me error🆘🆘🆘?

Our software, like any other, is subject to errors, if an error is generated on your machine when using our software, you have our technical support through 😇our Official DISCORD channel.

If errors that occurred on your machine when using our software are not resolved with CHAT support, it will be necessary to use third party software to connect to your machine for analysis through TeamViewer.🖥️